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A local company

3D-Ploy is a local company born from a passion for hunting and the realization that very few decoys offer a complete solution to the many constraints of this type of hunting. 3D-Ploy aims to simplify the storage, transportation and installation time of traditional decoys without compromising on performance. It is with this mission in mind that we set out to revolutionize the world of migratory bird hunting.

Our innovation; the 2-in-1 reversible 3D decoy, Pop-a-Goose (Canadian Goose and Snow Goose). By presenting two species per decoy, the Pop-a-Goose allows you to extend your hunting season by multiplying the possible species. In addition, you can quickly modify your decoy field according to the species of birds present or have both species simultaneously for an even more realistic effect.

Pop-a-Goose allows you to concentrate on your hunt. With its patented design that ensures quick and easy transport and installation in the field, no need to make 10 trips to the trailer to pick up decoys. Less bulky and lighter, you can carry 36 or 48 in one trip. They take up 10x less space than the competition, so no more need of a trailer!

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Pop-a-Goose, revolutionary decoys

The Pop-a-Goose design allows you to focus on your hunt. They're easy to transport and store, and set up in the field in seconds.

Sold by the dozen

Pop-a-Goose 2023 (Canada Goose/Snow Goose) - 12 units

Corresponds to $29 per full-body decoy
of two species each!
Pop-a-Goose are designed to make hunting accessible to everyone without compromising performance. Their flat storage design eliminates the storage and transportation hassles associated with rigid plastic 3D decoys. 60 Pop-a-Gooses take up the space of 6 standard 3D decoys. By presenting 2 species on both sides, you actually get 2 realistic 3D decoys for each Pop-a-Goose
  • Lightweight, durable, waterproof and designed to withstand the elements and cold.
  • Each Pop-a-Goose is reversible and features the Canada Goose on one side and the Snow Goose on the other
  • Each box of twelve Pop-a-Goose contains 6 feeding goose heads, 3 guards and 3 resting heads and twelve Canada Goose hoods.
  • Photos are of the 2023 prototype. The screen printing is enhanced to make eachPop-a-Goose even more realistic.
  • A small quantity of our 2023 decoys is made available to finish the season
    Are you a guide and want to buy 8 dozen or more? Contact us by email at info.3dpliant@gmail.com for a quote.

    A design as effective as it is practical!

    Quick and easy installation

    Learn how our decoys work so you can spend less time on installation and more time on your hunt.

    A 2-in-1 reversible decoy

    Our decoys are reversible. You can hunt Canada geese and snow geese with the same innovative equipment.

    Flat stacking

    Once assembled, our decoys are stored flat, making them easy to transport by car and in the field, while taking up 10x less space than the competition.

    Simple assembly required

    5 minutes per decoy is enough for assembly. They can then be laid flat and installed in the field in 30 seconds, hunt after hunt.

    The 3D-Ploy advantage


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    Our decoys are on display at Performance Chasse Pêche / ecotone in repentigny

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